A brief look at the work that goes on behind closed doors at ABC Products

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This just goes to show that if batteries don't have the correct saftey tests the results can be explosive.

We recieved this battery back in our returns by someone claiming it to be ours. The battery was unbranded and showed no resemblance to ours. It had overheated in the charger and exploded,...

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This is a time lapse video of our art department editing one of our batteries to be used on our website. The editing is done in Photoshop cs6 and takes about 5 minutes per image from start to finish. In this case the photo was taken using an iphone 4s camera and then imported into Photoshop.

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All of our artwork for the retail packaging is created in house at ABC Products design department.Every piece of artwork takes, on average, 2 months to complete.

A project begins with the template.

Then we compile a list of all the information that needs to go on to the artwork. Sometimes...