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All of our artwork for the retail packaging is created in house at ABC Products design department.Every piece of artwork takes, on average, 2 months to complete.

A project begins with the template.

Then we compile a list of all the information that needs to go on to the artwork. Sometimes it's not easy to get everything on as the space can be pretty limited so we have to be clever with how we arrange the artwork and only include important information.
Many drafts are sent over to head office before the final design is completed.

When the artwork is finished it is sent of to be printed.
The design part of the job is finished for now.
Sometimes we need to see exactly how the artwork will look so a sample is sent over by the printers. This makes it easier for us to see if we need to make changes. Sometimes the colours are printed differently to how they were design on the computer so having a sample really helps us to perfect the design.

Here are some other pieces of artwork we've created:

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